How Stress Is Affecting Your Health

31 March 2017, 20:57

Stress is literally a killer. If you suffer from chronic stress it can damage your heart, mess with your mind, and even ruin relationships. There is help out there when it comes to managing your stress, and there are things that you can do at home, on your own, to deal with stress. (more…)



Eating ‘Clean’: What Does It Mean?

23 February 2017, 22:13

Eating clean involves a few simple dietary practices that consist of filling the body with pure and natural sustenance.  Clean eaters avoid processed and refined foods, which include the majority of snack foods currently on the market.  

Eating clean can help manage chronic illness, flush the body of harmful toxins, and facilitate healthy weight loss in some.  Embrace and enjoy whole foods like local farm-fresh fruits and veggies.  Eat healthy proteins and fats, and cut out refined sugars.   (more…)



Becoming more human using data

29 January 2017, 19:42

Undoubtedly, data has particularly shifted the nature and landscape of marketing today. Not only are businesses and marketers able to target their audiences with greater accuracy, but the focus on data-driven techniques has fundamentally revolutionized their ability to understand and value customers. More than ever before, businesses can now deliver more than expectations; therefore, rendering the marketing industry an exhilarating, yet daunting endeavor. (more…)



Tips For Kicking Addiction Yourself

28 November 2016, 21:55

Many people start taking substances as something they think is innocent or perhaps as simple as a stress reliever. A cigarette once in awhile can easily transform into 2 packs a day depending on your biological makeup.   (more…)



Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter

3 November 2016, 10:06

The winter is a time when we are most susceptible to illness.  Tis the season when germs are rampant, the weather is chilly, and we are often breathing recycled air with no windows open in the public spaces. (more…)



Lessons Learned from a Game of Drinking-Roulette

2 November 2016, 05:56

I have absolutely no idea why on earth we decided it would be fun do this to ourselves — winding the clock back a bit with a game of drinking roulette. It definitely made for a rather refreshing twist to the Friday afternoon book club some of my girlfriends and I tried to get up and running (I know hey, which book club meets on a Friday?). (more…)



Myths and facts about resveratrol supplements

4 October 2016, 14:39

Resveratrol is a popular compound found in the skin of red grapes. It is one of those compounds that have shown proven health benefits.  It is very popular in western world for general health benefits related to aging. The benefits of resveratrol are related to blood circulation, aging, heart health, protection from oxidative damage and many more. The list of benefits of this compound is constantly increasing, and one can see significant improvements in overall health. (more…)