10 Great Gift Ideas for Lockdown

Even though the strict measures are slowly loosening, it’s very unlikely that people will meet up to celebrate special occasions like birthdays. However, it is still possible to surprise your loved one with a gift on their special day. With a mental picture of what they like and their personality, you can find a great gift idea on the list below.

1. Desmond Dempsey pyjama set

A comfortable set of pyjamas is what everyone needs under this lockdown to work around the house. Surprising, your friend or loved one with this luxurious set will save them a tiring trip to the market. With excellent chic jaguar prints, the set brightens your day whenever you are feeling lazy. This stylish Dempsey pyjama set is definitely among the best lockdown gifts to consider.

2. Triple chocolate 12 bite brownie box

An exciting chocolate brownie box to celebrate that special birthday. With many fantastic flavours to choose from, Bad Brownie has you covered. Available in 12, 16 and 24 bite boxes

3. Flower delivery

A flower delivery is a good way to start someone’s day. Put a smile on their face with a stunning bouquet delivery. You can choose a mixture of bright colours with an appreciation card to go with and enjoy their reactions as they receive the gift. This could be considered a great gift, especially if your loved one is in the hospital. For instance, look for Maroondah Hospital Flowers Delivery and you may get an idea about how this is done.

4. The book of everyone

The book of everyone is not only unique but will also create the best memories. A book gift customised with their beautiful pictures will bring memories to be treasured years to come. It is personalised with snippets that highlight when they were born and comes in different colours.

5. Mixologist cocktail kit

The kit includes all the equipment you need to make a delicious cocktail. It features a cocktail spoon, cocktail shaker, a muddler, fine strainer and a measure to help you make a cocktail at home.

6. A set of four flamingo wine glasses

For that friend who enjoys a picnic in a beautiful garden, this set of wine glasses will spice their day. Designed with colourful flamingo pictures, these functional set will add a theme to the picnic.

7. Bluetooth karaoke machine with lights

Now that we can’t go out to party, a karaoke Bluetooth machine will bring the party home. With beautiful lights to give that party feel, the device completes the mood. You can gift this amazing gift and enjoy a long karaoke night with them at home.

8. Little hug in a box

If you can’t see them on their special day, a little hug box will deliver your special message. The book blocks and alphabet bags will tell how special they are. The gift is perfect for kids and adults.

9. Soho Farmhouse Robe

Everyone needs a comfortable dressing gown and this robe is a perfect gift. It is comfortable to keep you warm while giving that cosy feel.

10. A gift box to build your tea

Pick a perfect blend of tea for that tea lover in your life. Presented in a beautiful box, the tea box is perfect for quenching that thirst even in the future.

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