2 Foods That Act Essentially Like A Drug to You

Food is one of the only things that every living thing needs to survive. That and water. Food plays such an important part in the lives of all living things. It’s the very thing that sent nomads on the hunt for wild edibles and wild game. People today are still on the hunt, but thanks to agriculture and the domestication of animals, the hunt looks a lot different.

First instinct: feed yourself. Second instinct: breed yourself. Since the hunt today looks more like taking a trip to the grocery store and buying food out of little cardboard boxes, healthy living has gone downhill. Instead of food being the thing that keeps you alive and fuels you so that you can carry on day after day to hunt for your next meal, it acts as a host of different things and it has an array of different services it offers. While it might still feed you and keep you full, it’s not always keeping you nourished. Often times food is actually like a drug. Here are 2 examples of foods that affect you like a drug:

Number One

Sure, it’s not an addiction to prescription pills, and it’s not an addiction to heroin, methamphetamine, or the laundry list of other addictive substances out there, but it is addictive nonetheless, and it wreaks just as much havoc on your body and its processes. What is it we’re talking about? Pizza. It sounds ridiculous, but you know just as well that once you have a bite, you can’t stop. What is it about pizza that is like a drug to you and your taste buds?

For starters: cheese. Cheese is highly addictive because it contains casein. Casein is in all dairy products and when the body digests it, it triggers the brain’s opioid receptors. Essentially, when you eat cheese, you’re getting your fill of opioids-the drug that millions around the world chase after. Seeing as pizza is practically a slab of cheese on a piece of bread – another addictive substance, you’re getting a food that is one big drug to you.

Number Two

This will not come as a surprise to you, but the reasons why this food is like a drug to you might. We’re talking about chips. Any kind of chip, you name it, it triggers something in the brain that makes you want more. There are many reasons for this, but it’s the concoction and blending of reasons that gets you hooked.

For starters, there is a copious amount of oil, which is fat, mixed with sugar, mixed with salt. The food companies that produce chips and other snackables have figured out the science to addiction. The perfect amount of oil, to salt, to sugar in a food that leaves you unsatisfied and wanting more. In effect, anything you buy out of a box or bag has probably had the magic formula applied to it.

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