3 Tips for Creating A Magical Night At Home As Parents

For those who have small kids living at home with you and your spouse, you know how much of a challenge it can be to find a few spare moments to spend some quality time with just your significant other. However, in order for you and your spouse to have a happy and healthy marriage, it’s very important to make your relationship a priority. But how can you do this when you’ve always got little ones around running you ragged?

If you have children who can now sleep on their own, tonight might be the night that you and your spouse begin making date nights a scheduled event. While you may not be able to get out of the house for your date night, you can have just as much fun and create just as much bonding within the walls of your own home.

Spice Up Your Look

To set apart this night from every other night you and your spouse spend together after you’ve put the kids to bed, consider spicing up your looks to make your night feel more special. This could be as simple as using cologne or perfume. Studies suggest that human pheromones play an important role in drawing a certain person to you. This could also include dressing up like you’re going on a nice date even though you’re just staying in your own living room. Consider doing something that you wouldn’t normally do on a typical evening, like wearing a full face of makeup, or using temporary hair extensions to show your significant other that you truly want this night to be a special one.

Cook Your Romantic Meal Together

One of the most beloved parts of a date night is the meal. And while you may want to order in food to save yourself the time and trouble after a hard day, another option is to cook your meal together. According to Mariel Elizabeth Co of EliteDaily.com, couples who cook meals together learn to communicate better with each other as well. This could also be a great way to have some fun with your spouse as you learn how to make a new dish together and enjoy the fruits of your labors in a romantic setting.

Be Flexible With Your Planning

While you want this magical evening with your spouse to be romantic and enjoyable, SheKnows.com advises parents not to put too much pressure on the event if things don’t go exactly as you’ve hoped. You might have a sick or scared child who won’t stay in bed to give you your time alone. Either one of you may have also had a particularly rough day that doesn’t leave you quite in the mood for a romantic evening. Regardless of these things, keep in mind that even making an effort toward reconnecting with your spouse will be beneficial not only for your marriage but for the overall happiness of your household as well.

Your love life doesn’t have to be over once you and your partner have children. Use the tips mentioned above to create a loving and romantic evening for you and your significant other without even having to leave the house tonight.

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