5 Great Reasons to Use a Cast Iron Frying Pan

If you have foodie friends, you’ve probably heard them wax lyrical about the untold glory that comes with using a cast-iron frying pan. It isn’t all hot air; in fact, cast iron frying pans bring a surprising range of benefits covering everything from healthier meals to easier cleaning.

Here are just 5 reasons why a cast iron frying pan could be the right frying pan for you.

  1. Non-Stick Surface

There are plenty of non-stick frying pans on the market, but many of them use chemicals that tend to peel away after a year or two. Cast iron pans don’t need to be coated with any synthetic material thanks to their naturally non-stick surface, and that’s a real godsend when you’re frying up an omelette or cooking up some fish.

  1. Less Oil Required

There’s another benefit that comes with non-stick cooking surfaces that really deserves a section of its own: non-stick surfaces equal a reduced need for oil, butter, or anything else used to keep the pan slick. Of course, such ingredients are sometimes vital for flavour, but they tend to be used more often than not simply to keep food from sticking.

  1. Retains Heat

Frying pans are clearly going to conduct heat well. What makes cast iron pans stand out yet again is their ability to retain heat. When they get hot, they stay hot. When you decide to serve a fish from the frying pan itself, it’s going to keep your food warm from first taste right through to third helpings.

  1. Durability

Cast iron is just as tough as it sounds, which is why you can expect to hand your cast iron frying pan down to your children. It actually improves with age, getting better the more you cook with it.

  1. Convenient Cleaning

Do you need plenty of elbow grease to remove food stuck to your current frying pan? If so, it’s almost certainly made of a material other than cast iron. Having to scrub and scrub each evening just to get your pan clean is something you can do without, so pick up a cast iron frying pan to save yourself the hassle.

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