5 Groovy Designs on my Cake Bucket List

Cake Bucket List

Baking is my passion.  I love everything about it! The mixing, folding and scraping of different ingredients that will produce something magical. The best part is when my family, friends and patients enjoy my ‘discoveries’!

Well, actually baking is in my personal Bucket list. Aside from skydiving and eating weird food stuff, I wanted to learn how to bake. I found out that I LOVE baking so I kept doing it.

Then it got me thinking! What if I come up with a Cake Bucket List? You know, one-of-a kind cake designs I HAVE to try baking. There are thousands of cool designs that I see on the internet, but I am too scared to try baking them. But my family kept urging me to try it. (They really want their free cake! Ha! Ha!) So, I decided to do it and I started my quest with my  very own cake bucket list!


First, for my lovely niece Rosie, I decided a ‘Frozen’ inspired cake! Our little Rosie will be celebrating her birthday next month. And, up to now she can’t get enough of the movie Frozen! We still watch it twice a week! So, I decided to bake for her (again!) a ‘Frozen’ inspired cake. This time, Olaf would be the lead star!  I saw a lot of ‘Frozen’ cake designs on the internet, but this Olaf cake caught my attention. It is simple and cute. Maybe I will add another layer, who knows! I am so excited to see the reaction of Rosie when she sees her Olaf cake. I am sure she won’t be able to … let it go … let it go!  Oh yes, I memorized the song too!


Meanwhile, the second cake is for the child in me! I call it ‘Star Wars-Yoda’ cake! After an exhausting day in the hospital, I try to relax by doing two things – bake and watch movies! The original Star Wars movie is way older than me (Ha! Ha!), but I really enjoyed watching it. The adventures of Luke Skywalker and company will always be remembered.  Oh yes, it is amazing the saga will continue this December! Anyway, back to the cake. When I saw this cake design I knew I had to bake it myself! I will make it bigger so all my friends and patients could have a taste and maybe add more ‘flare’ in the design. I will really enjoy making this cake and I hope ‘the force is with me’ when I start baking it.


I also love to surprise my patients so when I learn it’s their birthday I bake a cake! The next cake I will try to do is this ‘Blast from the Past’ cake.  I can ask family members of the birthday celebrant to provide nice pictures and little trinkets to put in the cake. And, if they love chocolates like I do, then we will have one fantastic cake overloaded with chocolates! Yummy!

(Picture: Rainbow layered cake)

I love baking challenges! They test your skills and your imagination. This rainbow-layered cake looks very challenging to me. The cake details look delicate and well-made while the color combination is spectacular! The tilted layers are also a great idea. There is nothing boring about this particular cake. Every time I see it I always smile and I want to share that smile to my family, friends or patients. I will definitely bake this cake!


Finally, the wedding cake!  I am 26-years old and I plan to get hitched soon. I am just waiting for Prince Harry! Well, actually this cake just inspired me to think about marriage. Isn’t the cake fabulous?! The design and the color- everything about it is so classy! I would love to bake it for my friends or relatives!

Actually, if the cake is for ME, I prefer the money cake! Kidding?!! Not!

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