5 reasons to travel to Phuket

Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Thailand. It is the country’s largest island, and it has got something for everyone. Lovers of nature, wildlife and culture, easy beach life and parties and watersports, Phuket has got it all. Check out these 5 reasons to travel to Phuket:

1. Paradise beaches

The idyllic palm-fringed, powdery- and soft white sand beaches and the stunning azure blue waters and crescent bays, are one of the main reasons why travelers choose Phuket as their holiday destination. Phuket is a big island, hence the choice of beaches is endless. Whether you want beach parties, watersports and beach bars where they serve cocktails to your sunbeds or quiet, desolate beaches where you will hear nothing but birds singing and waves roll to shore, you can find it in Phuket.

2. Parties

Phuket is also famed because of its parties and buzzing nightlife. Especially in Patong, you can have one wild night after another on the famous Bangla Road. This lively street is all about neon lights, crazy Go-Go Bars, extravagant transvestites out on the street, cabaret shows and cocktails served in buckets instead of glasses. It is one crazy party scene to lose yourself in. Alternatively, go for a laid-back beach party beneath the stars or hang out at a reggae bar. Again, there is something for everyone!

3. Thai food

It’s spicy, it’s hot, it’s awesome and super tasty! From pad thai noodles made at charming street food stands, to rich green and red curries to spice up your life, to yummy Tom Yum soups and an array of fresh seafood dishes- the Thai kitchen is a favorite amongst people all over the world. Here in Phuket, in the south of Thailand, you get the real deal! Authentic Thai food you to die for. Be sure to eat as much on markets as you do in restaurants if you want real traditional food with some real chili buzz.  Let’s go!

4. Private pool villas at affordable prices

A big advantage of holidaying in Thailand is that your money is worth a whole lot more than it is back home, allowing you to add a notch of extra glam and luxury to your holiday. While Phuket may not be the cheapest of places in Thailand, you will be surprised at what you can get for your money. Whether your holiday budget is big or small, there are villas to rent for everyone. It can even be cheaper than staying in a hotel and what beats having your own private garden and swimming pool? You get to enjoy breakfast in your living room or garden and dip straight into the pool afterwards, or even before coffee is served. It is all up to you, and the privacy you get is just priceless! Find the perfect villa for you here.

5. Diving

Diving is probably reason #1 why people travel to Phuket. The island is surrounded by gorgeous beaches with coral gardens hidden beneath the surface of the sea. There are also plenty of small islands to explore around Phuket, making it a true paradise for dive enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will love it here! Phuket is a great place to get your PADI.


Written by Stephanie of Villa-finder.com

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