5 Tips for Making Your House Feel Like a Home

Moving into a new house can be a daunting process. Getting unpacked and making new rooms feel like home can be a little disorienting. You may miss the familiar smell of your old home or the way a rose bush bloomed outside your bedroom window.

It is quite normal to miss these elements in the initial days since you have spent a considerable amount of time in that house. However, if you have decided to move, having gone through various new house plans, it is because you most needed it. And now, you should focus on making this new house your home again.

There are many elements that make a house into a home. Included here are a few tips for making a new house feel a little more homey.

Bake Cookies

Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked cookies. If your home is smelling a little too much like dust and bleach, it may be time to liven it up with some baking, and acquaint yourself with the kitchen. A few chocolate chip cookies are sure to make you feel right at home and you will make the house smell like home as well.

If cookies aren’t your thing, other chocolate addictions to enjoy could be brownies or chocolate cake. Taking the time to move around in your kitchen space will make the room feel less alien and prepare you for diving into the bigger cooking projects.

Plant Flowers

One of the things that ties our senses to memories and homey nostalgia is scent. Your old home may have had potted flowers on the deck, roses under windows or lilacs in the backyard. By taking time to plant a few of your favorite flowers at your new home, you can create new memories tied to favorite scents.

Not to mention, poorly landscaped yards always make a house feel neglected and unwelcoming. Take the time to properly landscape your home, and you will find it more inviting; and with more greenery, your family is more likely to spend time out in the sun and fresh air.

Hang Pictures

Naked walls are one of the most telltale signs of an unloved home. While some people begin hanging pictures the moment they find a house, others wait weeks to find the right spots. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your new house, try hanging up a beloved old photo or painting. It will welcome you into the rooms and remove the alienness of your new home.

Cook Favorite Meals

Home cooked meals are the epitome of comfort and home. If your house still just feels “off,” try getting in the kitchen and making dinner. Cooking odors are not considered pleasant to most, but it may be just the kick you need to make your house feel like home. Make a tray of lasagna or another comfort food and kick back and relax.

Invite Everyone Over

After you have prepared a delicious meal, the final step may just be inviting friends and family over. They say people are the true difference between a house and a home, so filling yours up with loved ones might be the right idea!

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