A Girly Weekend in London

Up and bright eyed in London with the ladies, we are all coming down with the good kind of jitters. It has been a long, long while since we had a girls’ night out, not to mention a girls’ weekend out. There’s just something about the place that makes you feel pretty, vanity aside, which is the perfect vibe for gals like us.

We are all pretty much in our early 20s, so naturally, the night is always going to be young until someone blacks out. Then, the night is still young, only a lot more tiring for us who have the upper body strength and maintained coordination to carry someone back to the hotel.

Still, that is still a couple of hours away, so we enjoy the still sunny city, in a very lady-like manner.

The obvious choice for our first outing would be hitting the theatres, so we can all feel very sophisticated and practice our accent of sophistication. Might as well start the day off in the opposite direction of where it will undoubtably end.


Once that was out of the way, we went on to do what we all knew was our real business here. Hint: we start off in heels and end up barefoot.

The shopping district was absolutely packed and busy as anything, but all the bargains were completely worth it. We all went away with some brilliant looking pieces, while munching on street foods in between store stops. London has a thing for fashion, and we were adamant on taking advantage of that, so we soldiered through the footsore and rumbling tummies. Our sophistication points we gained from the theatre had all but run out, but that does not really matter in the scheme of things.

Satisfied with our purchases, we settled down to have some tea and snacks at one of the many cafes in the area. We all but inhaled everything except the plates and silverware, though you will certainly not see that on Instagram. What would be a picture of one of us taking a dainty bite off of a biscuit is actually a preclude to swallowing the entire thing whole. Teehee.


Just before late afternoon transitions into night time, we went to get ourselves pampered because hey, London, and hey, girly weekend. This was the obvious direction of the day. During the wait for our turn, we went and logged on to https://www.newzealandcasinos.co.nz, because we were bored and we did not have the budget to go to an actual casino in London. I do still testify that it counts just as much!

A couple of manicures, pedicures and hairstyling later, we all felt like Disney princesses, who were preparing to get some drinks at the club. That is our happily ever after right there.

At the end of the night, which is the morning, obviously, nobody had blacked out so we were spared the effort to learn the fireman’s carry. We trudged back to our hotel, completely tired out but very satisfied. Now this is how to spend a weekend away with my girls.

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