About Chocolush



One of the most profound creations known to man. One of the rare things that brings us together, universally. And as for those who don’t like chocolate; well, I accept them, I just don’t agree with their lifestyle.


My Blog…in a Cadbury’s Fruit ‘n’ Nut-shell!

I created this blog to celebrate all things chocolate – the clue is in the name! However, it’s kind of spiraled to include all types of desserts, baked goods, sweets, cake decoration, fudge, biscuits and, well, pretty much anything that can satisfy my sweet tooth!


Who am I?

I’m Suze, a 26 year old nurse from London who has dutifully taken care of my patients throughout the years, not only by providing them with top class medical care and a stellar bedside manner (I never claimed to be modest), but by brightening their days with as many delicious treats as can be crammed into them (though I don’t hear many of them complaining)!


I don’t believe in ‘everything in moderation’ when it comes to sweet things.


If the patients can’t finish all the muffins and brownies I bake, my fellow nurses never fail to polish them off, which means I’m probably the most popular nurse on my ward.

My baking mantra is: the gooier, the better!
My baking mantra is: the gooier, the better!


As well as being a baker, a chocolate aficionado, a dessert connoisseur, I’m a writer, reader, auntie to a gorgeous niece and nephew, dog-walking volunteer, occasional artist and runner – I prefer my muffins to be eaten, not as a metaphor to describe my body shape.


My Blog…in Detail


This blog will mostly be about sweets, pastries, cakes and whatever goodies are to be had at any time of the year. Entries could range from recipes to haikus about chocolate, and will most certainly hold some profound knowledge from time to time. I’ll be throwing around event ideas, healthy recipes, moderately healthy recipes, something for the kids, something for the wife, the husband, the mother-in-law, and everything (and everyone) else in between.


I got into baking because I love chocolate – especially melted chocolate dripped tenderly on to a chocolate Victoria sponge cake with chocolate butter cream, and decorated with white and brown chocolate buttons…I digress! Apologies.

chocolate cake2

I keep baking because I love seeing the look on someone’s face as they bite into my homemade treats, knowing that I gave them something they could enjoy for the moment. In this modern world (says the 26 year old!) we’ve all been turning to quick-fix recipes, takeaway options and ready meals, but I think it’s well worth keeping alive the skill and enjoyment baking and cooking brings. That might just be me!


You know it’s bad when an About Me page, which specifically exists to inform readers about the author, starts with the word chocolate. All in all, though, it’s pretty fitting, as I was suffering from a bad break up last year, which turned out to be an immense blessing. I needed a wake-up call to find my one true love, which I did. It’s melting at the moment, though, so I’ll just pop that in the refrigerator.