Apartment Decorating: Holiday Ideas That Take a Small Place to a Special Space

The holiday season brings a lot of joy yet you may have minimal space to celebrate. Those living in apartments can’t host trees that can fill Times Square but that doesn’t mean one can’t make small spaces special. Read the following information about how to be mighty festive while living in a small space.

Deck the Ceiling

Big houses can deck the halls, rooms, and porches with lights but when you’re living in an apartment, space is limited. However, you don’t have to look far for area to decorate; actually, you only have to look towards the sky. Use your ceiling as a canvas for lights. Attach hooks to the ceiling and drape strings of lights throughout. Who needs long hallways when you have spacious ceilings?

Wreath Centerpiece

Perhaps you don’t have the space for a big tree, yet you don’t have to dismiss the notion of hosting greenery. Buy a hefty wreath, dress it with trimmings, and use it as a centerpiece on your kitchen table. Feeling especially festive? Buy smaller wreaths to place on top of your toilet, coffe table, and nightstand.

Lovely Branches

If you can’t be asking, “Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches?” place a few small branches in mason jars and settle them on your window sill. A traditional tree is just the sum of its parts, mainly small to large branches. Place smaller ones in a jar and hang larger branches on the wall or front door. Oh, don’t forget the personalized Christmas ornaments.

Glass and Garland

Traditionally, garland goes around the tree, but if you don’t have a tree, arrange garland around the top and sides of your mirror. Additionally,, you can frame doorways, wall art, and the back of chairs with colorful garland. To add some pizzazz, intertwine bold-colored ribbon.

Ball Chandelier

Several apartments are fitted with chandeliers, so if you can’t hang ornaments from a tree, use your lighting fixtures. Although, make sure to get a professional chandelier cleaning service to have a go at your light fixture before you start to decorate it. You want the entire look to feel magnificent. Otherwise, your beautiful ornaments might not look so elegant, if they are hanging from a dirty or dusty chandelier. The idea calls for lights, garland, bows, and whatever else you can hang from the chandelier without causing a fire or fashion hazard.

Spread the Word and Cheer

If visitors don’t notice your decorative celebration of the holidays, spell it out for them. Buy a set of letter refrigerator magnets to spell: noel, happy holidays, eggnog, and a dictionary worth of cheery sentiments.

Bells and Handles

Regardless of the size of your apartment, you must have a number of doors fitted with handles, perfect places to hang seasonal and jingly bells. Put a set on the inside of your front door so guests know it’s holiday season as soon as they cross the threshold. It may get annoying hearing bells each time you open and close doors, so it’s a good thing the holidays only come once a year!

Jar Full

Make the interior joyful with jar fulls of candy canes, ornate bows, or miniature santas. Head to the local thrift store and get creative in selecting a number of items to fill your jars. Alternatively, leave the inside empty while dressing the outside with holiday wrapping paper.

Jennifer Watson runs a busy home and trained in interior design before turning to raising a family. She loves to be able to share her design and decorating know-how with others online. She writes regularly for a number of home and lifestyle websites.

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