Cake in a Cup! The Holy Grail?!

Let the delicious quest begin!

Baking is my passion. I bake at least five times a week and my friends love it! I am not sure if they drop by because they want to see me or it’s the cake. Ha! Ha! Oh well, at least we agree on one thing – I do the baking and they do the eating (sometimes!).

Right now I am into discovering ‘cake in a cup’ recipes. I heard about them a few weeks ago from my friend who also loves to bake. First, I was hesitant to try them, but my niece visited one time and we bonded by having some kitchen time.


Thank goodness I tried them! Today, I have an instant “mood-upper” or just a surprise treat for invited (and uninvited) guests. Cake in a Cup is so easy to make. Every time I have six minutes, some basic ingredients and a microwave, I am good to go! Honestly, anybody can do it!

The cake is perfect for informal get together with friends and family. Personally, I am tired of serving chips and stuff during occasions. We all know they are unhealthy. High cholesterol, high blood pressure and a lot of monosodium glutamate are some of the bad effects.

So, I promised myself that if my pals or relatives drop by they will get a Cake in a Cup instead. Aside from the easy preparation, this simple goody is way healthier than chips! Best of all, we can do it while chit-chatting in the kitchen.

The downside of the recipe is the disappearing act of the cake after six minutes! No thanks to my guests!

Let me share my latest discovery! The easy Cake in a Cup Recipe!


Cake flour or pancake flour – 4 tablespoons

Sugar (brown is good!) –  4 tablespoons

Unsweetened cocoa powder or pudding mix- 2 tablespoons

Salt – just a pinch

Vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons

Low-fat milk or water – 3 tablespoons

Egg – one medium size

Flavoring – a touch of vanilla, peppermint or cinnamon will do it!

Preparation Time!

In a microwavable cup, mix well the milk, flavoring, vegetable oil and egg. Add all the dry ingredients and mix them all up really good.

Put the cup inside the microwave and set the microwave to High. Make the cooking time 2 ½ minutes and that’s it!

Get ready with your spoon and wait for the “Ping”! Oops! Remember, it’s hot!


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