Common Types Of Wholesale Nuts

If you are a bar snacks suppliers or hotel manager, then it is likely that you are used to buying nuts in wholesale. Purchasing wholesale nuts has never been easier, and is paying off big for many companies! Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular nuts to purchase wholesale below:

  1. Cashews

These apostrophe-shaped nuts are some of the most popular in the service industry, and for good reason: the nuts have a creamy, smooth flavour that drives people crazy over them. The shells of a cashew actually contain highly irritating oil, so these nuts are always served shelled. They grow on the bottom of a cashew apple, the fruit of a tropical evergreen tree.

  1. Peanuts

Far and away the most popular nut in the United States, and extremely prolific almost everywhere else, peanuts technically aren’t even nuts at all; they are legumes. They actually look almost identical to pea plants when growing! Peanuts are commonly found in its famous butter form, and also on many Asian dishes. Peanuts make for excellent wholesale nuts due to their inexpensive nature and addictive taste.

  1. Almonds

Almonds contain more protein, fibre and other nutrients than just about any other nut, leading many experts to claim they might even be heart-healthy! Almonds have a very mild taste and a rather chewy texture when they’ve been roasted for any length of time.

  1. Pecans

There are many wholesale nuts available today, but none of them are quite as flexible as pecans. Native to America, these delicious nuts can be made into pies, cookies, cakes, and much more. Alternatively, they can be roasted, or even just eaten outright! These nuts would make a fine addition to any bar snacks suppliers or hotels arsenal.

Wholesale nuts come in countless shapes and sizes. If you’ve got wholesale nut needs, though, we can fill them! Reach out to us today.

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