Cooking Tools For Your Festive Feast

With the festive season upon us, you will need to start thinking about cooking tools for your festive feast. Baking tools and equipment are some of the most integral objects in your arsenal when throwing a memorable and enjoyable bash. Not only will they slice the time you spend preparing in half, but they’ll ensure your food is impressive. 

This article will talk you through a few essential cooking tools you need to prepare for a successful festive feast. 

Tasty Treats

When it comes to baking tools and equipment, there are so many to choose from that it can be hard to determine which ones you actually need. Well, depending on the goods you choose to bake, you may only need some handy knives or you could need full-blown decorating equipment. So, we’ll go through the basics. 

  • Tins

Tins are some of the best baking tools you can have. Especially when you’re serving food at a large party. You can buy your tins as small or as little as you need them, so whether you’re making a 6” sponge or an 800g loaf, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. 

  • Cooling Wire Rack

A cooling wire rack is going to be a lifesaver when it comes to your countertops. Although they’re designed to withstand many years of use, hot cooking tools can cause avoidable damage. A cooling wire rack can prevent heat damage to your countertops, protect your goods, and cool them down all at once. 

  • Seive

When it comes to baking delicious home goods, a sieve will help you to achieve that patisserie quality by fluffing up your ingredients and increasing the air content. Although air can make certain goods feel a bit empty, not introducing air into your baked goods will make the foods for your festive feast starchy and heavy. You can use a sieve to introduce flour into the mixture, or you could use it to sprinkle some sugar on your buns. Regardless of its intended purpose, a sieve will add a flair of professionalism to your festive feast. 

  • Standing Mixer

A standing mixer will not only have your goods baked in just a fraction of the time it would take to mix your dough by hand, but it will save you plenty of arm strength. Standing mixers are one of the best baking and cooking tools that money can buy. They’ll be able to mix your batters to perfection by applying the required strength and consistency that certain goods need to bake correctly. 

  • Food Portioner

It can be difficult to determine exactly how much mixture you need to make the perfect-sized goods, especially if you’re trying to replicate the exact size of a single cookie 40 times over. This is why food portioners are some of the best cooking tools you can buy. By measuring an exact quantity of batter, your goods will be uniform, aesthetically pleasing, and far easier to present on a platter. 

  • Depositor Filler

Whether you’re filling a doughnut or a savoury pie, a depository filler will make the filling process far easier and less time-consuming. These handy little cooking tools are used by hand and can efficiently fill your treats with minimal mess. 

  • Cake Divider

Occasionally, there is a dispute over the size of the cake slices you serve. Particularly with younger family members, the question of who has more than the other is common during festive feasts. The best way to avoid this is to use a cake divider! Cake dividers are wonderful little tools that will cut your cakes into identically sized pieces, which won’t only avoid arguments, but will also make your presentation skills look flawless. 

  • Piping Bags/ Nozzles

A common hack that I see across social media is opting out of piping bags and nozzles, and simply folding a plastic bag to cut at the end. Although this is a very inexpensive method of piping your goods, it is also a very messy and unsustainable decorating method. For this reason, investing in reusable piping bags with metal nozzles will do wonders when it comes to finessing your food. 


High-quality cooking tools are invaluable when it comes to throwing a festive feast, and you’re sure to impress if you invest in the right baking tools and equipment. Fortunately, many online stores exist where you can purchase all of these wonderful tools at once and throw the most memorable festive feast with them. 

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