Cool Car Gadgets

The ways to personalize your car and make it your own space are practically endless. And, the options for cool car gadgets out there are pretty endless too. Many cars these days even come straight off the lot with plenty of neat bells and whistles. If you’re car shopping and curious to see what gadgets are available for the car you’re interested in buying, check out the make and model guides available on If you already own your dream car and are in the market for cool stuff to put in it, consider a few of these ingenious options.

Dash cams aren’t just for cops anymore. Anyone can add a dash cam to their rear view mirror that will record a specific trip on command. If you have the camera record all you’re driving adventures, it could come in handy as evidence in the event of an accident. If you have a driving teenager and your nerves need a break, install a dash cam to monitor their driving performance and address and bad habits before they cause bigger problems.

If you’re always in need of a battery boost for your phone, consider the Power Cup. This cool gadget sits seamlessly in your car’s cup holder and comes in the shape of a to-go coffee cup. On the lid, instead of spilt coffee, there are two standard plugs and a USB port for phone chargers. The electric supply comes from your car’s power outlet.

If you live in a climate that experiences chilly fall and winter months, maybe you’d get a lot of use from a heated steering wheel cover. The cover completely surrounds your steering wheel and is battery operated. Forget your mittens and depend on your toasty steering wheel to warm your hands when the cold sets in.

If you’ve ever lost your car or forgot where you parked in a large parking lot or parking garage, look no further than the GPS homing device available for identifying a direct path from your location to your car. The gadget comes with a key fob that is paired with the a homing device placed in your car. With this cool gadget you’re guaranteed to never lose your car again.

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