Different ways to present your leftover bubbly

When the holidays or another special occasion comes up, you might find yourself with some leftover champagne afterwards. Even if the bubbles are gone, the flavour and goodness of the champagne can make for some very tasty cooking opportunities. Here are just a few of the things you can do with champagne.

Scallops and Champagne

Scallops lightly sautéed and served with a champagne and mushroom sauce is a fast and delicious solution to a light dinner the day after your party. This decadent dish uses champagne, shallots, tarragon and sour cream to make a light sauce that is sure to satisfy. Serve on a simple white plate so that the attention is on the food.


Champagne and Fruit Gelatin

Using champagne in place of water in your favourite gelatin can add a lot of flavour. There are many different twists on this recipe that you can do. For example, you can use strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or all three. You can add flavour such as fruit juice to the recipe as long as this and the champagne don’t exceed the recommended water content. Pour gelatin and fruit into champagne flutes for a beautiful presentation. For added indulgence, top with some whipped cream.

Champagne Grapefruit Sorbet

For those that want a delicious icy treat, look no further than Champagne Grapefruit Sorbet. This recipe takes the equivalent of a whole bottle of champagne to make, so it is great if you have a bunch of partial bottles after New Year’s Eve. Grapefruit juice can be replaced with any of your favourite fruit juices if you are in the mood for a different flavour. A beautiful crystal dish for each person you are serving can make this dessert look like it came from a five-star restaurant.


Pink Champagne Cake

There will be plenty of people that will enjoy this delicious Pink Champagne Cake more than the champagne itself. This recipe is great for those that are in a hurry because it makes use of boxed cake mix. You replace all of the liquid that your cake recipe calls for with champagne. The rich butter cream frosting also makes use of a few ounces of the leftover bubbly.

Champagne glasses for decadent desserts

Even if you don’t actually use champagne to make your dessert, there are some tortes, layered puddings and sundaes that look absolutely fabulous when served in a champagne flute. Having more than one use for your champagne flutes makes it easier to justify purchasing a set of beautiful crystal flutes for your elegant events.

Use your imagination and leftover champagne

Leftover bubbly can be used to add character to your favourite glazes. If you are cooking chicken or seafood, you can sauté the meat with olive oil and champagne. For those that want a fun salad, you can substitute champagne for the oil or vinegar when making salad dressings. You may find that you enjoy combining all three with select herbs and spices for a salad to remember.

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