Dinner and Dessert: Three Perfect Pairings for Home Cooked Meals

Whenever we eat a hearty meal, we always oblige ourselves to end it with a sweet dessert. It’s the perfect punctuation – a slice of cake, a brownie bar, a sundae – to get that euphoric feeling, like a good glass of milk as a nightcap when we were kids.

And it’s more than tradition; there’s science all over our undying desire to always have dessert at end of meals. Eating dessert restores the appetite we lose after all the calories we ate in our savoury entrée.

But given all the delicious dessert options in the world, how do we know which one to whip up and end our homemade meals with?

If you cooked steak then you’d want to eat cake

We promise that we didn’t make that up for the rhyme – a decadent chocolate torte cake really does go well with the sumptuous piece of steak you just cooked and downed immediately. Usually, if we were to use the food as described at AmericanCutSteakhouse.com that usually goes with steaks, you’d have a light and easy serving of broccoli, spinach, carrots, Brussels sprouts, chickpea salad, and a whole other greens,  which can make you full. The rich chocolate cake offsets that feeling.

This marriage of meat and chocolate isn’t just a suggestion; it’s been a culinary trend for years, combining cooks of steak with different kinds of chocolate. For us, let’s just stick to having them separately and in the correct order.

If you cooked pasta, then you’d want to eat ice cream

The thing with pasta dishes, regardless of sauce or quantity, is that they make you full fast. Since they are full of carbohydrates but hardly have any protein in them – again, based on the sauce or toppings your home-cooked recipe has – pasta dishes can make you feel bloated after your meal. That’s why you’d want to pair it with something cool and almost light: ice cream. And the best part is, we won’t impose a flavour that you have. You can mix and match any flavours you want, and have as many scoops as you’d like, but if you’d like a suggestion, tomato-based pastas usually sits perfectly well with vanilla ice cream. It’s really up to you.

If you cooked chicken, then you’d want to eat pie

If your stomach told you to have something from down south for the main course, then odds are, it tells you to have something from down south for dessert too. When you’re down there, there’s really no option to go light and cool and healthy – you go straight to digging down on your pie. Whether it may be banoffee pie, a key lime pie, an apple pie, it’s your call to make. Just as you can cook in many ways enough to fill a private dining menu, you can also have as many kinds of pie as you’d like. Worry about the excessive calories later.

There’s something homely about rounding up a meal with your favorite dessert. No matter how you end up pampering your sweet tooth after a delectable dish, sharing a meal with family and friends around the dinner table is the ultimate food for the soul to match.

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