Floating on Chocolate Covered Memories

It is said that the sense of smell evokes the strongest memories.    Fresh cut grass can transport you back in time to summers with grandpapa when a tall glass of lemonade was the reward for a job well done.  The sweet scent of talcum powder makes me smile and think about newborn babies in the nursery at work. 

Studies show that our brains process odors and memories in a complementary way.  When your olfactory bulb analyzes an odor, it activates the amygdala and hippocampus, the parts of the brain that handle memory and emotion.  No other of your senses gets triggered as deeply as does the sense of smell – not visual, auditory or touch.

No wonder I have such a connection to chocolate!  All those memories of the cakes, brownies and sweets I’ve baked keep me in love and wanting more.  When I get of whiff of a good old double chocolate layer cake, it’s as if I float out of my body, back to the last time I pulled one out of the oven, and I just can’t wait to do it again.

Now, I’m not saying that I love chocolate so much that I’d dab it behind my ears, but I did search All Beauty for a chocolate infused treat.  And while it turned out there were no matches to my search (no surprise there…), I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could apply an online Groupon Coupon and save a sizeable amount on their entire site of over 3,500 products.  And get free shipping on an order that totaled more than £15.

The part I like is that I don’t have to search around for coupons to apply at the right time.  There are plenty of coupon codes available to use whenever I want.  I can simply go to the Groupon Coupon page, select the coupon I want to apply, and start shopping.  I found some old favorites on the site that took me back to my youth.  And they were available at a great discount.  Not only that, they have haircare, skincare and make up products that I love to use and can now get at deep discounts.  I’m so happy, I think I’ll bake up a memorable batch of brownies.

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