Giving The Kids’ Room a Makeover


Images by anathea used under Creative Commons License.

If you’re looking to redesign your kids room, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of simple tricks which can turn a dull room into a more exciting and functional space. From unique decorating tips to space saving ideas and one of a kind centerpieces, this handy guide gives the most affordable tricks for a great makeover.

Utilize the space

When it comes to storage try to remain as creative as possible, utilizing different areas of the room. A wall of storage cubes not only holds plenty of toys and books but also looks great, showcasing some of their favorite pieces. For a unique look, paint them white but choose a vibrant color for the back wall such as hot pink or neon green. Low storage units are also a good way of hiding the clutter and can double as a bench or platform for play. Fit with colorful boxes underneath that can easily be removed. Good storage encourages your children to stay organized and creates much more space for that all important play.

Design your own curtains

Curtains can often be expensive but you can easily create your own for half the cost and make them completely individual. Start by cutting small circles out of different fabrics which has a unique pattern or design. You can now stitch these to a plain set of white curtains, choosing a selection of different colors. Don’t worry about cutting the shapes neat, the raw edges add to the rustic and distinct style.

Create a mural

A mini art gallery can add a personal touch to the bedroom and also looks pretty. Use old frames in different sizes and colors to showcase pictures of the family, different colored patterns and keepsakes. You can also make a feature of a wall by using a wall sticker. There’s plenty to choose from with fun designs such as rainbows, trees or even their favorite animal.

Keep it playful

Images by Sam Howzit used under Creative Commons License.

Adding some design features that will stimulate their imagination or putting on educational stickers can be something the kids will love. A map of the world covering a wall could help with their geography whilst a rug with letters is the perfect learning aid for small children. You can also get some fun stickers of their favorite cartoon characters or look for custom-made stickers that could be put on walls, furniture, and display board (if they have one in their room). This can improve the aesthetics and vibe of the room.


Adding the final touches can make a big difference to the overall look of a room. To simplify the design, keep a bedroom plain with light or white walls and finish with colorful accessories. Bunting is very cheap and can look great across one or two walls giving a carnival feeling and adding that much needed color. You can also buy cheap personalized items such as free standing letters spelling their name in crafted wood.

Creating a sanctuary for your children couldn’t be easier with these low cost ideas. They’ll love the makeover with a new bedroom to make all their friends jealous.

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