More than ever, we should become mindful of our actions and how it affects nature and the world we live in. Our carbon footprint might be small on a personal scale, but if we think on a global level, our actions mirrored across thousands and thousands of other individuals will eventually be the deciding factor to saving the Earth. Even the smallest waste on our end has a domino effect that can ripple across an entire society. That doesn’t mean we should start living like monks in a temple or hermits in a cave, though! We can still enjoy our usual pursuits in everyday life, but we just have to maintain a heightened awareness on its consequences. For example, the clothes that we buy might seem to be a small thing, but if we take into account the frequency and scale of our purchases, then it doesn’t seem that small at all. In order to help you gain more knowledge on how to shop smart and green, here are my top picks of fashion-forward and eco-friendly fashion labels:

H & M Conscious

Some people might argue that fast fashion brands will never reach a point of sustainability that can be worthy of the title ‘eco-friendly’. H & M doesn’t let that get in the way of adding local and sustainable materials to their normally incredibly fast product launching process. It’s not a total renovation into environmental sustainability, but it’s a pretty significant step in the right direction.

Delikate Rayne

For the environmentalist that just doesn’t want to give up being on point, fashion-wise. Delikate Rayne defies convention in the fashion industry by embracing a process that is ethical, sustainable, and animal-free. All while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic that exudes grandeur and opulence that goes well with any seasonal trend.


A long-established specialist in providing quality wool apparel, Woolover understands the need to use natural and renewable materials despite their virtually vintage roots. Despite this total acceptance on the need for minimizing their carbon footprint, they make no compromise on quality and still deliver their products at the same quality and durability as before.  Check out some of the gorgeous jumpers below.


Amour Vert

Created with the sole purpose of embracing an eco-friendly concept, Amour Vert was bred from the concept of a fashion label that took an active role in preserving Mother Earth. Their adoption of a zero waste design philosophy, which guarantees that the all materials and products will be used and reused to their maximum capacity, means that there is no trash that reaches landfills and incinerators. What’s more, they have launched a campaign wherein a tree is planted for every customer purchase of an Amour Very shirt.

These are only four of the many eco-friendly brands that exist for the sake of environmentally-conscious fashion. While there is an emerging trend of an increased marketing and advertising movement for what is dubbed ‘eco-brands’, there are still other fashion labels just waiting to be discovered! What are your top picks for eco-friendly fashion brands? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to share this with your friends.



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