Hotel Chocolat: For the Love of Chocolate

Hotel Chocolat offers amazing chocolate products because in the first place, they are Hotel Chocolat for nothing. This valentine’s day, they have concocted several chocolate creations to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

We all know that chocolate is one of the most welcomed food choices in the world. As they commonly come in white, milk, and dark varieties, they are in this constant limelight as they can satisfy your sweet cravings and give health benefits too.

Hotel Chocolat is considered the epitome of luxury for chocolate products, and they are in a constant evolution to give the best and exquisite chocolates. Depending on the season or celebration, they showcase different chocolate products for costumers to enjoy.

72% Madagascan Cocoa Truffle


This is actually a rare cocoa truffle enriched with natural notes of cherries and raspberries with a faint hint of coffee. This Madagascan masterpiece is not the conventional fruity variant and has a distinct bitterness that defines it as a dark truffle.

Caramel Dizzy Praline


The Caramel Dizzy Praline is an overloaded goodness of possibly the smoothest and silkiest hazelnut praline in caramel milk chocolate. It is one of the sweetest and may be an acquired taste for some who prefer the darker ones with a faint bitter aftertaste.

Salted Almond Praline


The Salted Almond Praline is one of the more conservative variations with the perfect dose of saltiness. Those who prefer a more roasted nut experience welcome it.

Passion Fruit Truffle


This creamy white chocolate truffle is perfectly blended with passion fruit puree. It is one of the less sweet creations, and it can offer a unique fruity burst to your palate.

Caramel Gianduja


This is the dark version of Caramel Dizzy Praline, as it offers a perfect combination of dark hazelnut praline with caramel chocolate. Those who are not a big fan of caramel may appreciate this chocolate piece because the caramel is not overpowering to the palate and it really gives a full flavor of the dark praline.

Heart Champagne Truffle

This exquisite piece made from milk chocolate cream truffle is concocted with a generous splash of champagne.

Gin Truffle Heart


Gin Truffle Heart is made with London Dry Gin with a refreshing zing of citrus and abundance of juniper notes. You may control yourself from being overindulgent with this chocolate creation.

Lemon Berry Tart


The Lemon Berry Tart is another fresh combination of lemon and red berries infused in a creamy white chocolate truffle. This is one of the more adventurous pieces for the conservative chocolate lovers.

Balsamic Caramel


The Balsamic Caramel is a soft caramel with a sprinkle of cocoa balsamic vinegar. It may sound vinegary, but it is actually an unusual yet nicely-flavored chocolate creation that you should try at least once.

There is only one limitation for chocolate creations, and that is the chef’s imagination. With these exquisite pieces, we are placing ourselves into a diverse and amazing food experience. Life is like a box of chocolates, it offers an amazing experience that comes in full flavors..

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