How to Save Money When Renovating Your Bathroom

Updating your home with a new bathroom can be an exciting and rewarding project if you work within the budget that you set at the planning stage of the renovation. It’s always wise to do some research before you start knocking out walls and making changes in things that will require modifications in your plumbing and lighting systems. Your choice of materials for bathtubs, worktops, and showers can also impact the total amount that you spend on a bathroom renovation. By following some of the guidelines below, you can use the expertise of professionals (like the ones from to save money and still get the look and functionality that you want.


  1. First, think about some of the work that you can do yourself. Can you lay tile, remove your old bathtub and take out your old vanity? Are you good at plumbing and electrical work? If you can’t safely do this type of work, it’s important that you hire a professional tradesman. If you are having granite worktops installed, you should make sure that the expert you are using is experienced and can do a good job for you.
  2. Next, set your budget and begin to look for ways to cut your costs. Plan carefully, make sure that your budget is realistic, and shop for the best values for each product that you include in your new bathroom. Comparison shopping can help you find the same product for a much more affordable price if you look for deals, discounts, and bargains. Include the price of all materials that you want to buy and don’t forget to include the labour that you’ll have to pay for. Another wise idea is to plan for the unexpected by adding about ten percent to the total cost of your projected price for the entire project. This will give you enough money to cover any additional work that you have to do to prepare your bathroom. It can also assist you when you find a tradesman that is highly regarded but just a little more expensive than you have budgeted for.
  3. To save money you might consider using a tub and shower combination so that you won’t have to invest in an expensive shower cabin as well as a bathtub. Remember that if you are changing the style of your bathtub from traditional to a freestanding model this may require plumbing work to move the water supply to accommodate your new bathtub’s taps.
  4. One of the important decisions that you will make is the type of surface that you want to use around your vanity. Even though a material like granite will increase the value of your house, you should remodel to improve the space for your family instead of thinking about property value. This is especially true if you plan on staying in your home for the next few years.

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