Losing Those Easter Pounds!

Over Eating Through the Weekend and No Cardio

Many people love the Easter celebration but often regret the pounds that are gained from the celebration itself. Sometimes people eat until they fall asleep and then on the next day get up and do it all over again throughout the whole weekend. When the next day of reality sets back in, it is time to get back on a good schedule.  Regret usually follows it for everyone that pigged out on the food. Many people only believe that they can reset the week on certain days like Mondays. But that is not true; the week reset can begin on any day of the week. Take a look at the helpful tips that can lead to getting back on track soon:

1. Just Say No to the Chocolate

Any of the chocolate Easter eggs that are still in the basket, throw it away. It needs to be discarded so there will not be any temptation to munch on it. Although it may hurt to throw it away, it will do the garbage can better than it will do your body. The secret stash of chocolate has to go to the trash.

2. Opt Out Of the Pound Watching

Many times discouragement starts on the scale. So do not continue to look at the numbers, especially right after binge eating for Easter. The best step is to start with the healthy eating and then get physically moving a couple of weeks before getting on the scale. This idea can help decrease the amount of dissatisfaction that a person can feel from the scale.

3. Eat At Every Meal

There is no reason to disregard a meal just because you ate plenty at Easter. If meals are skipped, it can lead to another round of binge eating. So moderation is the key in this step. Eat something at every meal, even if it’s only a small portion. It can give your body the energy it needs and actually may even help decrease bad cravings throughout the day.

4. Less Money, Sale Candy

Just because Easter is gone, doesn’t mean that you need to buy the clearance Easter candy. Many say they will save it for next year, and that never happens. It will be a waste of money and a knife in your new balanced eating road. So skip the discounted candy in all of the stores. Even though the candy is marked down, it will not easily leave your body as it will the store shelf.

5. Write It Down

Keeping a food journal really allows people to really see how much food they consume on a daily basis. Sometimes when things are on paper, it gets us to take a second look at what we are eating. This can also be a way of second thinking when it comes to junk food. Many times we eat without giving things a second thought. So when you have to write it in your journal, it will make you think twice about wanting to eat something that is unhealthy.

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