Myths and facts about resveratrol supplements

Resveratrol is a popular compound found in the skin of red grapes. It is one of those compounds that have shown proven health benefits.  It is very popular in western world for general health benefits related to aging. The benefits of resveratrol are related to blood circulation, aging, heart health, protection from oxidative damage and many more. The list of benefits of this compound is constantly increasing, and one can see significant improvements in overall health.

These days, resveratrol is available in the form of supplements. However, there are many myths associated with resveratrol supplements, which are as below –

Myth 1 – Higher dosage for better results

There is a misconception that higher doses of resveratrol will have enhanced health benefits. However, the truth is the recommended dosage should not exceed 5 grams. There is no scientific evidence that such higher doses will give beneficial results. In fact, the recent clinical trials showed that mega doses caused liver toxicity. Hence, one should stay away from the thought of taking resveratrol in higher dosage.

Myth 2 – There is no relation between French paradox and resveratrol

It does not matter whether there is a relation between resveratrol and French paradox. The main thing to know here is the health benefits one can achieve from it. It can keep the heart healthy and helps in preventing damage to blood vessels. It can prevent heart attacks and can substantially reduce fat in body.

Myth 3 – There are no anti-aging properties in resveratrol

Based on the numerous studies done previously, there are findings that resveratrol can prolong life of certain animals and insects. It means, it can counteract the signs of aging and help body obtain optimum health benefits, improving the longevity of one’s life. Though more evidences are needed to prove that such effects can be enjoyed by humans.

Myth 4 – Resveratrol dosage is shown on the front label

People often make the mistake of taking resveratrol supplements in wrong dosage. Sometimes, they think the net weight of the bottle as recommended dosage. Remember that the manufacturers would only cite the total grams in the capsule or pill, rather than total grams of resveratrol. It is always better to consult a physician before you start taking these supplements to know the recommended dosage.

Myth 5 – Almost all forms of resveratrol are same.

Resveratrol is available in many forms such as pills, gels, syrup, oil etc. There is a misconception that whatever is the form you are using, it is equally beneficial. However, the truth is different kinds of resveratrol are used for different purposes. Resveratrol in the form of pill is ideally recommended and is known to have many health benefits. Trans-resveratrol is the most effective form as used in laboratory trials.

The bottom line is – resveratrol is a perfect health supplement that helps you to fight diseases, improve metabolism, increases stamina and provide a number of other health benefits. You  can buy it from an authorized store and use it in recommended doses on a regular basis for effective results.

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