Our Day Out at Cadbury’s World

Being an Aunt is a great thing! Nieces and nephews can drop by and you can spoil them rotten, but once they do their ‘crying spree’ you can return them to their parents! Nice idea, right?!


Kidding aside, I always enjoy having my niece, Rosie, around the house. She is five-years old (going on 30!) and she is an adventure seeker. We love to go to parks and discover things! So, when I heard about Cadbury World, I knew Rosie would love it! Well, okay, bringing a five-year old is also a good excuse to enjoy my favorite thing in the universe. Chocolates!

My day out with Rosie in chocolate heaven is one experience I will never forget! Rosie and I learned a lot about chocolates and about the Cadbury family from different zones like the Aztec Jungle, Journey to Europe, Bull Street and Bourneville Experience.

We also had a grand time at the African Adventure Play area. Rosie can’t get enough of their tube slides, rope bridges and climbing zones! And, with other young kids all over the place it was more like a jungle area. But, we all loved it!


Next stop, the 4D Chocolate Adventure and the Purple Planet! The 4d place is mind-blowing! They have these special glasses and fantastic motion seats to make your cinematic experience extraordinary. My dream of diving in a bowl of liquid chocolate really came true! Meanwhile, Rosie enjoyed the airship ride in a Cadbury Crème Egg driven by Caramel Bunny. By the way, the Crunchie Roller coaster is also awesome! Rosie and I screamed our hearts out!

After the crazy roller coaster ride, we need to catch our breath. So, we went to the Cadabra zone and rode a Beanmobile. A smooth ride around chocolate heaven is what we needed. We saw Cadbury chocolate characters and beautiful small houses. Rosie said we should live there! Not a bad idea!

Obviously, we can’t leave the place without seeing how they make those wonderful chocolates! So, we went to their Packaging, Manufacturing, and Chocolate Making Zones. We truly entered the chocolate world! If you don’t believe in magic, you need to see this place! Can I tell you a secret? Rosie took a piece of chocolate and gobbled it up real fast. I had two! Come on, who can resist such a place?!


There were other zones to check out, but Rosie wanted to go home and rest. So, we decided our last stop would be the Cadbury Shop. I am in my twenties, but stepping inside that shop made me feel like a child again. Everywhere I turn I saw chocolates! Big ones! Small ones! Plain chocolate or with nuts! Name it, they have it! In the Cadbury Shop, there is only one problem – deciding what to take home! Everything looks great!

My day of fun with Rosie lasted five hours! Spending five hours with a five-year old is very tiring, trust me! I became a runner and a catcher! Thank goodness, I was using my favorite ‘run after a five-year old child’ shoes!

Well, honestly, Rosie wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the trip, the child in me enjoyed every minute of it too! Thanks Cadbury World!

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