The Sharpest Knife in the Drawer: Why Avoid Dull Blades?

12 October 2017, 19:04

What’s the point of a knife? Why, to cut things! So, we all know the sharp edge of a knife matters, but what many people don’t appreciate is just how important it is for that edge to be as sharp as possible. A kitchen knife will come plenty sharp as standard, but constant use can blunt the edge slightly as time goes by. Luckily enough, you can buy a handy knife sharpener to bring your knives back to their former glory, and here’s why that’s well worth doing. (more…)



Delicious Eggless Waffles Recipe

12 October 2017, 09:39

In a bid to stay true to my mission of offering informative value for all my readers, I’ve endeavoured to try out an eggless waffles recipe, obviously targeting those who would often love to enjoy all the delicious recipes often shared, but unfortunately can’t due to something like food allergies. An egg allergy in particular really shouldn’t limit your gastronomic options, although egg is indeed used in many recipes. (more…)



Cool Car Gadgets

2 October 2017, 09:41

The ways to personalize your car and make it your own space are practically endless. And, the options for cool car gadgets out there are pretty endless too. Many cars these days even come straight off the lot with plenty of neat bells and whistles. If you’re car shopping and curious to see what gadgets are available for the car you’re interested in buying, check out the make and model guides available on If you already own your dream car and are in the market for cool stuff to put in it, consider a few of these ingenious options.




5 Great Reasons to Use a Cast Iron Frying Pan

22 September 2017, 23:23

If you have foodie friends, you’ve probably heard them wax lyrical about the untold glory that comes with using a cast-iron frying pan. It isn’t all hot air; in fact, cast iron frying pans bring a surprising range of benefits covering everything from healthier meals to easier cleaning. (more…)



How to Lose Weight Without Going on A Diet

22 August 2017, 22:40

If you could lose weight without having to change your diet drastically, would you? Most of us would love to be able to lose a few pounds while still enjoying the food we like. Here are a few suggestions to help you experience the satisfaction of weight loss. (more…)



Science Says These 5 Ways Are Effective In Shedding Off Pounds & Avoiding Obesity

27 July 2017, 11:41

Are you tired of dieting after trying a lot of fad diets and other exercise regimens? If you want to lose weight, but find it a struggle to shed off those bulges,  you may end your search with these simple tips. (more…)



4 Easy Ways to Make Your Paper Bags Last Longer

28 June 2017, 13:50

Since they are so much better for the environment, paper bags are an excellent alternative to the old-fashioned single-use plastic shopping bag. Of course, paper bags become more eco-friendly the more you use them; a worn out bag can be pulped and recycled, but it’s far better for the environment if you make them last as long as possible. (more…)