Planning The Perfect Adult Birthday Party

Adults enjoy a party now and then, just as much as the kids do. But it may be even harder to plan an adult party. You want it to be fun, but not childish, which means you want to offer up things that adults will want to do.

There are certain things an adult birthday party must contain, and you’ll find that out in a minute. Just remember, this isn’t an Avon party or a Rubbermaid party– You don’t need to have remember my name games, but you do need to make a plan that is fun and keeps people at your party.

Having An Adult Theme

While an adult-themed party is going to be a little different than a children’s themed party, they still have similarities in the fact that they stick with one idea. Your five-year-old may have a superhero party, with batman neon signs hung around (you can take some inspiration for such neon signs from here), people dressed up as Iron Man, and a cake shaped like the Wonder Woman symbol. In contrast, if you are an adult superhero nerd, then your party may include superhero-named mixed drinks and shots–you may drink them while reciting certain words said by those characters in movies.

Picking The Music And Entertainment

So, if you are having a movie themed party then part of the entertainment will be watching that movie, or those movies. If you are having something with less of a theme it may take a little more work to pick your entertainment. Maybe you want music, maybe you want games, but what type.

When it comes to music you may want to hire a DJ, or maybe you want a live band to play at your party. As far as games go, you could play drinking games, or you could play popular games like Cards Against Humanity.

What To Eat And Drink

People want to drink and graze when they are at parties, and if you are having a fancier birthday party you may want to have an actual sit down meal. Meal or snacks, you may find it easier to have your party catered. The cost of all of the ingredients and the time you will have to put in cooking will likely cost you more than simply hiring a professional to supply the food.

For drinks, while an open bar can make things easier on you, you could consider bringing in a mixologist in order to make things more fun. They will be able to create drinks you may not have even thought of, and they may be able to make up a new one for the birthday guy or gal as well. Now that’s a great adult birthday surprise!

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