Recreating that classic B&B interior at home

Countryside B&B’s offer a more homely and comfortable alternative to staying in a hotel. The British B&B offers visitors to stay within the heart of the local community, and more often than not has a warm and homely atmosphere, similar to a local country pub. There are ways that you can recreate this feel within your home using a few interior design techniques. There are some very elaborate B&Bs such as the Victorian Bed and Breakfast in East Sussex which boasts a very impressive restored interior from the Victorian era. For a more classic, country feel there are a few design ideas you can use.

Using wooden furniture can help to recreate a Victorian or Edwardian feel within a room. Large wooden headboards and wooden oak bed units are a great way to create a natural and soothing atmosphere within a room. Framed artwork is another excellent design technique which adds colour to the room whilst leaving the walls and furniture a neutral colour. B&B’s tend to typically have Magnolia walls and ceilings and utilise borders and other items of decoration to add a splash of colour.


Decluttering your space is very important to recreating the B&B feel. Any items that do not have a purpose or add anything to the interior design of the room should quite simply be removed. Perhaps get a large chest and place all the items in here, out of sight. Give yourself a sitting area away from the bed. A small table with a lamb along with a chair will give you space to unwind before going to bed.

B&B owners claim that cleanliness is paramount to creating a relaxing atmosphere for their guests (which is understandable). Small touches such as adding scented paper to your draws or by having fresh flowers in the room can boost your senses and create a more relaxing environment for you to unwind in. As previously mentioned, keeping the walls neutral is an important part of recreating the B&B feel, colours such as Magnolia will require some maintenance to remain clean, especially if you have children or animals in the house.

B&B owners usually state that they are trying to create a space for their guests similar to what they would have at home. By tweaking a few of your interior design aspects you can create the perfect getaway for yourself, within your own home.

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