Science Says These 5 Ways Are Effective In Shedding Off Pounds & Avoiding Obesity

Are you tired of dieting after trying a lot of fad diets and other exercise regimens? If you want to lose weight, but find it a struggle to shed off those bulges,  you may end your search with these simple tips.

Tips#1: Don’t skip breakfast.

Many are guilty of not eating breakfast because they want to lose weight. They believe that skipping the first meal of the day can cut a big chunk of calories from their diet. However, this misconception is so common that many are still believing that they can reduce weight, and they’re safe from obesity just because they don’t eat breakfast. A U.S. Health And Nutrition survey found that men and women who eat breakfast have lighter weight than those who skip it. Men were 2.7 kilograms (6 pounds) less heavy than those who skip breakfast, while women who eat the first meal were 4 kilograms (9 pounds) less in weight than those who don’t eat breakfast.

Tips#2: Eat fresh, leafy greens.

If you really want to achieve your ideal weight, you should practice eating fresh, green vegetables. They contain slow-digesting fiber, high in water and fewer in calories, so they make you feel fuller. There are studies that have found that people who follow a vegetarian diet weigh 3 to 20 percent lesser than meat lovers. Munch on fresh carrots and courgette during your breaks to cut a big amount of calories.

Tips#3: Eat high fiber foods.

If you’re overweight and want to lose weight to avoid being obese, eating high fiber foods is one great idea to feel fuller and eat fewer calories. High fiber foods have little fat, fewer calories and offer a lot of fiber that can keep you full for a long period of time. This means, you avoid snacking that makes you pile on calories. It is also good for keeping your blood sugar at standard level because high fiber foods are slow to digest. Begin your day with a high fiber cereal and whole grain breads.

Tips#4: Eat healthy nuts.

Several studies have supported that eating nuts are a great way to lose weight. The healthy fat in nuts is said to be good for making people feel fuller. In one study, regular consumption of nuts contributes to a lower BMI. Nuts are a powerhouse of nutrients, including protein, monounsaturated fats, fiber, vitamin E, folic acid, copper, magnesium and antioxidants. The heart-healthy fat in nuts are useful for helping people control their weight. Best sources of healthy nuts include pistachios, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds.

Tips#5: Pack on beans, fish and chicken for protein sources.

If you want to shed off pounds effectively, you should eat more protein foods during meals and snacks. Eating protein foods make you lose fat instead of muscles.  There are a number of research that have shown that people who eat a high protein diet and complex carbohydrates with low glycemic index tend to lose more weight and are less hungry than those who prefer high-carbohydrate and low-protein diet.

Katherine Doe is a Nutritionist, blogger and speaker. She took masters on Nutrition and Dietetics and is now writing for several websites and magazines. Katherine gives the best advices for people, seeking effective ways to lose weight the natural way as well as about addiction treatment for heroin.

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