The Sharpest Knife in the Drawer: Why Avoid Dull Blades?

What’s the point of a knife? Why, to cut things! So, we all know the sharp edge of a knife matters, but what many people don’t appreciate is just how important it is for that edge to be as sharp as possible. A kitchen knife will come plenty sharp as standard, but constant use can blunt the edge slightly as time goes by. Luckily enough, you can buy a handy knife sharpener to bring your knives back to their former glory, and here’s why that’s well worth doing.

A Sharp Knife Makes for Tastier Food

It doesn’t seem as if the sharpness of a blade would have any effect on the taste of your food, but it does. When you use a dull knife, you’re not going to cut as cleanly. In fact, you’ll be going through food as much due to blunt force as sharpness. This can damage the cells in your food; it’s particularly noticeable in leafy vegetables because they will show accelerated wilting and discoloration. A sharp knife will cut right through without damaging those cells, resulting in food that tastes fresher and maintains its flavour longer.

The Lingering Hazards of Dull Blades

In addition to the obvious advantages of better taste, safety, and efficiency, there are hidden dangers associated with using dull blades in the kitchen. When a knife loses its sharpness, its cuts become unpredictable and less precise. This increases the risk of slips and unexpected movements, posing a danger to your fingertips and increasing the likelihood of accidents that can lead to serious injuries. That’s why, with so many Types of kitchen knives, it’s crucial to prioritize a sharp knife over a blunt one.

A Sharp Knife is Safer

When it comes to knives, you’d think that duller would be safer. After all, a duller blade is less likely to cut. But kitchen knives are almost always going to stay sharp enough to cut your skin, and dull ones are actually more dangerous. When you strike down with a sharp blade, it goes right through the food at an angle you decide on. When the blade is dull, it’s harder to control, and that means you’re at greater risk of cutting yourself.

A Sharp Knife Reduces Prep Time

A sharper knife will cut your prep time just as easily as it cuts your food. Chopping with a dull blade is going to become arduous in a hurry because you need to push down harder to make each cut. People are often surprised by just how much easier and less taxing it is to make their meals after switching to a sharper knife.

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