Subliminal Messaging through Design

I could previously never quite put my finger on it, but there is something about interior design that gives off some sort of message. It was perhaps never really intended to be deliberate, especially in the case of home decor and home interior design, but it probably becomes intentional when you’re visiting a mall or any other venue which encourages you to spend money. I’m talking about the subliminal messaging we receive, perhaps subconsciously, merely through the designs of the spaces we’re exposed to.

I mean, if you own a store or have a commercial office, you know what I’m talking about. Smart people always hire a fitout company like Perth Citi Fitout ( or a professional interior designer to decorate their commercial spaces in a precise manner, to subliminally appeal to their customer base. Sure, there are some glaringly obvious adverts that are nothing short of shoved right in our faces, like those small poster ads you see next to the mirrors and above hand-dryers in bathroom malls.

Word has it it’s worse in the men’s rooms – apparently the ads are placed right above the urinal, directly in their eye-lines. What I’m talking about though is that inexplicable feeling you get while using the mall bathroom, which compels you to want to go out and spend or it just has you feeling like there’s more to see and experience beyond the confines of the bathroom. That feeling is induced by how the rest room is specifically designed to deliver some suggestive subliminal messaging. This is also a major factor that should be considered while planning the bathroom designs for company buildings too.

Businesses should always keep their premises in pristine condition because that is what shows the employees and the prospective ones that they are capable of good management. If they do not maintain well, then it is company’s image that is going to be damaged.

That being said, this problem can be fixed easily, with a good color scheme and interior, companies can maintain their status high. There are many professional agencies that can help you with doing so. They might pick the best ideas to make your commercial restroom feel welcoming to your clients. For example, SBI Contracting, situated in Idaho, seems to be one such firm that provides assistance with designing the looks of bathrooms for businesses situated out there. If you are interested in such services, then searching on the internet should lead you to top competitors in this field.

However, I won’t lie though – my love for chocolate has had me wondering if Mr. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory bathrooms would feature toilets that flush liquidised chocolate (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), if it was all real of course, but that’s the type of suggestive subliminal messaging I’m talking about. Restroom designs for commercial spaces such as malls in particular are a minefield for subliminal messaging, but if commercial bathroom spaces have the ability to deliver subliminal messages, surely domestic bathroom designs also deliver some sort of message too?

That’s precisely why it’s important to take extra special care when designing your home bathroom. What kind of message are you giving to both your guests and your family members such as your children? When remodeling a bathroom for your home, it might be essential that you hire a trusted reconstruction firm like this home remodeling dallas tx company or another such renovation business in your area to revamp your bathroom. These firms can provide insights on what design would suit your home and remodel it accordingly. By going this route, there’s not all that much to it though and you don’t have to think too much about it, but something like an ultra-modern, hospital-type design probably has no place in a home and should rather give way to a more homey bathroom which encourages occupants to completely relax and not be afraid to make a bit of a mess.

A bit of class and style never hurts, but the message that your bathroom is indeed an intimate part of the house always needs to be conveyed and that’s done through elegant and inviting design.

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