Surprising Chocolate Facts

Chocolate Overview

World Chocolate Day is coming soon, so what better time is it to learn more about chocolate. This day really allows chocolate lovers to indulge in their lovely chocolate. While you are indulging, it may as well be healthy. So keep on reading to gain more chocolate filled knowledge. All over the world, many people love this treat and need to know the benefits.

Hurray Chocolate

It has been studied and proven, that certain amounts of chocolate can be just as good as going out and being on the town. Chocolate can create this certain type of feel good “high” just the same as going out for some people. It has even been said that this feeling actually lasts longer than the feelings from other things. So let us give a big hurray for chocolate for its awesome benefits.

Calm Down, Oh Chocolate

The sweet smell of chocolate that is baking or even being heated up to make fondue, can be rewarding. The unique way that chocolate gives a good feeling to the brain is from the relaxing scent that the chocolate gives off. That is why some people feel so good after biting into their guilty pleasure in their mouth.

Microwave and Chocolate??

Chocolate can be tied to a lot of great things in the world. Some people tie it to negative things, but it actually has a lot of great uses and references. The inventor of the microwave can certain testifies to chocolate being tied to something great. Percy Spencer had some chocolate on him as he was playing around with something’s. After the chocolate melted, he came up with the idea for a microwave. Thanks chocolate bar in Percy Spencer’s pocket.

Girls Only

When Yorkie’s were created, the creators hinted that it was for boys only and not girls. Interestingly enough, chocolate has a different affect on girls than it does boys. The sweet treat can aid in the release of endorphins and can aid in relief when it comes to the girls monthly cycle. So the creator was actually way off the field when it was said, boys only.

Eat My Toothpaste

Would you believe that chocolate can help keep teeth healthy? Well it’s not in the way that you think. The top grade of the raw cocoa in the pure form can be used to help keep our chompers chomping. This is something that may start to be implemented in natural toothpastes in the near future.

Candy for the Fighters

M&M’s are a famous candy. It was actually created to send over to the United States soldiers that were in combat. It was used to help them de-stress. This form of little candy was really helpful since it did not melt easy as other chocolates do. Now days, this little candy is known for the cute little talking candy pieces and the hilarious commercials.

All aboard My Hersey

The history of the chocolate would have been different if the creator of Hershey would have been aboard a certain boat. The creator Milton Hersey was supposed to be aboard the Titanic and he actually did not get to board. An emergency caused him to miss his trip across the Atlantic Ocean. The emergency actually caused us to know Milton Hersey in the way that we know him now.

Chips a Hoy

Did you know that a single chocolate chip can produce energy? Yes, the sugar that it contains can power your body for a little brisk walk.

Floating Chocolate

Chocolate has made its way into space. The astronauts like to take it with them for a quick fix without gravity. So far many space trips have used chocolates as their choice of treats. It helps with the journey and gives much comfort away from home.

Sweet Money

Many ancient cultures were hooked on chocolate. Cocoa was used as a type of currency. Due to its high demand and great value, people could trade with cocoa and yield a profit.

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