The Amazing Pros of Chocolate

(And I Thought Chocolate Is Something We Should Shy Away From…!)

There is some great news for anyone that considers themselves a great lover of the chocolate.  There is some new information that shows that chocolate has some more health benefits that we know about. It has many bodily benefits that can help with many functions in the body. From head to toe, there are different systems within the body that can benefit from the consumption of certain amounts of chocolate. Before sinking all of your teeth in, you should pay attention to the chocolate that you pick up. Don’t go on a shopping spree and get any kind of chocolate. The highest grade in the super food form is the chocolate that is mentioned with all of these benefits.

A Note in History

The chocolate (cacao) has been known for over thousands of years. Cacao is the most pure form of chocolate. The Cacao has been used back in history to do a number of things such as: be placed in certain tonics, used as an aphrodisiac, and to flavor many dishes and cuisines across the world. In ancient times the cacao was worshiped in many ways. People held ceremonies for the chocolate and it was also reserved for certain royalty. Another culture came across the great tastes of the awkward ‘almond’ shaped nugget while coming to the New World. And they briskly saw that it could reduce fevers, help the mentally tired, treat tuberculosis, aid in digestion, and even ease symptoms associate with gout.  Now in time, researchers are still discovering new health benefits that this great mysterious bean of chocolate can do for the human population.

Enjoy Chocolate

The chocolate consists of a great compound that can aid in the help of many health issues. In order to get these benefits, you have to buy the best grade of the cacao. When its possible, it is best to have the organic form, raw form, and in the darkest color. To keep the sugar content low, one should look for the higher percentage in the chocolate. Here are some super food advantages that are found:

1. Cardio Systems

The cardiovascular system is one of the main systems that benefit from the chocolate. The chocolate acts as an antioxidant and it can help ward off heart disease. It helps fight the heart disease by decreasing the blood clots found in the body. Eating this in moderation can also help regulate blood pressure as well as maintain a great level of cholesterol.

2. Mind

The brain can benefit from this super food. The chocolate can positively affect the central nervous system in a positive way.  It can create a positive signal to the brain which can in turn create a positive mood.  This also decreases anxiety and can ease symptoms of depression and irritability.

3. Ward Off Diabetes

In Italy, as study have shows that people that ate this chocolate had a decreased amount of insulin resistance. The sweet goodness created an increased amount of nitric oxide production in the body that reduced the body’s sensitive to insulin.

4. Reduce In Stress

As mentioned earlier, it can reduce stress from the feel good signals the brain gets. The other stress benefit is decreasing the level of stress hormones in the body.

5. Blocking the Sun

Yes, this treat can help the skin. It can decrease the risks of sunburns that a person may get from being in the sun.

6. Decrease BMI

Depending on the age range, the BMI can be positively affected by a regular consumption of this great bean. It can do this by helping balance the hormones that can affect the changing weight in the body.

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