Three Chic Bedroom Storage Ideas

Part of making a space your own is making sure all the little quirky things that make it yours are all in their right places. We’re so caught up in adding that personal touch to spaces like our bedroom that we sometimes overdo it. Keep in mind that you’re decorating a bedroom, not embellishing a showroom. No matter how cute it may look on Instagram, having too much stuff everywhere can be a nightmare. All that clutter would eventually lead to a messy space, which could, in turn, throw you off-center. You don’t need wardrobe advisors and shoe storage experts to tell you that being organized is a thing of beauty. It’d be much more preferable to be able to move around freely and reach for all your things without a second thought rather than tiptoeing your way through a minefield of trinkets that could potentially stab you in the foot or demolish the entire room via a domino effect.

And it’s not just about the aesthetic appeal, either. Having too much stuff strewn around the place can lead to small pockets of dust forming in the cluttered areas, leading to bacterial growth and attracting pests. No one would want to deal with smelly mold in their rooms, but it’s a very real concern with small and cluttered spaces. Not keeping your room organized and clean might necessitate intervention from experts who can conduct mold removal in Phoenix (if that’s where you live) to fix the issue.

Here are some of the ways where you can still keep your bedroom looking adorable without cramming it into the eyelids with unneeded decorations.

Replace Your Headboard With Shelves

Your bed is the number one item on the list with so much opportunity for storage. Being the centrepiece of the room, people prefer to keep the bed free from any frills and additions. This squanders any chance of creating both exposed and hidden storage space that could shave off a ton of work otherwise. For example, take out that dingy old headboard that isn’t really much use in the first place. Replace it with a shelving system high enough for noggin clearance yet low enough for easy access from a seated position. A professional with experience in handyman jobs in Knoxville or in your vicinity can help with the installation process. Keep in mind that shelves not only provide ample storage space but can also double as a headboard, offering a practical and creative solution. This is also an opportunity to infuse your unique personality and showcase your creativity in the way you design and adorn your shelves. From travel memorabilia to your favourite pictures, the possibilities are endless.


Invest In A Wardrobe Wall

For a lady with a respectably sized wardrobe, a wardrobe wall is a much better option than a bigger-than-usual closet. Traditionally, you may be sacrificing quite a bit of floor space to get this done, but there are also fitted wardrobes that can save you space. These could be bought from and installed with the help of sellers such as Metro Wardrobes or similar ones closer to you. You’ll definitely notice a cosier atmosphere that just wasn’t there when you had a single piece of large furniture. And it goes without saying that the storage options would be more than adequate for your clothing collection.


Lean Towards Vertical Storage Units

Some bedrooms are so small and packed that most would just call it quits right at the beginning. But there are times when a perspective shift is called for. What you lack in space, you might just make for with height. This holds especially true for people who have a high ceiling in their bedroom. Try to fill the wall space with storage units and DIY pieces that will accentuate the height of the room, which will make your space seem larger and more spacious than it actually is. Pro tip: consider adding a small ladder or a loft bed to make it that much more unique.


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