Tips for Coping With Emotions as a Woman

Women are naturally wired to be emotional beings. The maternal instinct within every woman makes it so that she is more prone to feel different waves of emotion throughout her body, and it doesn’t matter what point of life she is in.

Emotions are not only hormonal, they actually go a lot deeper than that. The processes that go on beneath the surface of a life that trigger hormonal fluctuations are ones that are hard to pinpoint and hard to control.

A woman first goes through puberty, her body is then forced to go through the menstrual cycle every month. When she gets pregnant, that’s an entirely different hormonal process she must go through. Add on top of that several pregnancies, the birth, the post birth, the breastfeeding, the birth control, diet, and other random aspects of life that fluctuate hormone levels and emotions.

Women’s lives are completely run by hormones and emotions. How do women cope with these changing emotions that come with hormonal changes and imbalances?

Bridge the Gap

One way women can learn to control their emotions is by understanding that the mind and the body are two things that work together. They aren’t independent from one another. The reason an emotional outburst will be triggered is due to things happening in the body.

To better cope with this, consider looking into mind body bridging. The first thing you do is map out what you’re feeling by putting your thoughts on a piece of paper, you then identify what’s causing those feelings. Once you’re able to do that, you move onto the bridging process which helps you physically settle down.

Change What You’re Taking In

Hormones are present in a lot of things that people eat. Meat and dairy products are a huge part of that, but it isn’t limited to just that. A woman who eats a lot of sugar is scientifically proven to have insulin spikes. These spikes decrease the amount of hormones your body is naturally producing to aid in normal life activities. Extra sugar also creates extra fat. Fat slows down the body’s ability to metabolize sugar.

If you’re feeling more emotional than normal, evaluate the things you’re bringing into your life. Are you taking in hormone infused products? Are you taking birth control that is rewiring the way your body is supposed to function?

There are many reasons emotions can seem to be out of control. Start with the triggers behind those emotions by using mapping techniques, and then evaluate the things you’re physically taking into your life and body. You are what you bring into your life. Take the steps to make a change for yourself.

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