Tips For Decorating Your Home on a Budget

Most women live for the day that they can decorate their own place. The thing about decorating is that it can go so expensive so quickly. One cute little knick knack can be anywhere from 15 to 150 dollars, depending on the item and where you shop. When you put furniture, wall decor, and other necessary items into the equation, the price tag gets scary.

The beautiful thing about weddings is that the guests buy a lot of the necessities for you. This includes things like kitchen or bath related items, but it is very rare that a wedding guest will buy you a couch, a television, or a cute coffee table.

It’s important that you understand that decorating does not necessarily need to be expensive if you go about it right. Here are some decorating tips that will have your home looking big-budget fabulous on a not-so-large budget.

Shop Everything on Sale

The number one rule of efficient, budget-conscious shopping is to do everything in your power to not buy things unless they’re on sale. No matter what you see, you can always find it cheaper somewhere else, or wait until it’s red-tagged. For instance, if you are looking for a wall decor piece, look for cheap canvas prints UK (or one near you) that might suit your budget.

The beauty about living today is that it’s so easy to do price comparisons. Sometimes it’s cheaper online, sometimes there are some great in-store sales. Either way, if you cool it on the impulse spending and just take a little time to find the best value, you’ll be able to do so much more with your money in the long run.

Make it Yourself

If you don’t consider yourself to be a creatively blessed person, try it anyway. Practice will improve your skill set with time, and if you start making cute decor related items yourself, you will save a crazy amount of money.

If you need inspiration, just go to Pinterest. The options are unlimited and if one project doesn’t work for you, just try another. There are always ways to recycle stuff you find or already have to make a beautiful, new statement piece for your home.

Buy the Oops Paint

Here’s a huge secret. A lot of homegoods stores that mix paint will have an “oops” section. This means that the color wasn’t right for someone else, but it could be perfect for you. Paint can be extremely expensive at about 40 a gallon, and a gallon only covers a couple walls.

If you keep an eye on the oops section, you can get paint at a severely discounted rate and you get to make your house look fresh and colorful. In the world of decorating, paint can work wonders, so it’s not an area you want to ignore.

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