Tips For Kicking Addiction Yourself

Many people start taking substances as something they think is innocent or perhaps as simple as a stress reliever. A cigarette once in awhile can easily transform into 2 packs a day depending on your biological makeup.

Alcohol is especially easy to cause a person to fall into the grips of addiction. The effects are pleasant and many people find the taste to be delicious. The abuse of alcohol, however, can create chaos in a person’s life, resulting in them needing to seek help from facilities like if they are in the worst situation. In less extreme cases being an increase in weight and poor money management. To more extreme circumstances such as liver failure, or a fatal car accident.

How do we know when it’s time to turn to rehab? Or are we capable of kicking an addiction ourselves? The answer lies within you. Here are a few useful tactics for overcoming an addiction without rehab. Take a look and see if you think you could see yourself being able to commit.

Get a Hobby

Keeping the mind occupied and committed to a goal is a great way to overcome the urge to consume a substance. People report turning to alcohol or a cigarette when they find themselves idle. The addiction becomes like a twitch that they turn to keep their hands and mouth occupied.

Hobbies can be anything from collecting things, to going to classes, to taking on a new activity like knitting!

Replace The Addiction

If a smoker who has been addicted for 25 years suddenly finds themselves quitting, they may feel at a loss for how to replace their ritual. For example, if they always had a cigarette with their morning coffee, perhaps replacing it with a morning licorice stick or something similarly shaped can function as a sort of prosthetic replacement.

A constant cocktail or beer in the hand can become a soda or water. It’s all about teaching yourself to create a new habit to replace the old with the new.

Start Working Out

Physical fitness is a great motivator for staying healthy. When we start to see our bodies improve and progress we feel a great sense of satisfaction which makes us want to do more and more.

Your old addictions become nothing worth the feeling of looking and feeling great.

Try starting out slowly with a group class, or perhaps just walking every day. Many people find that fitness gadgets such as Fitbits or Jawbones are especially helpful in motivating them to reach their goals and monitor their progress.

Remove Yourself From Exposure

Removing the culprits of our temptations is the number one way to get rid of an addiction. If you are hanging out with smokers, the more you will be tempted to give in and have a smoke yourself!

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